APPLE-competition: Google is working according to the report of its own Tablet

Allegedly been 18 months in development – working with HTC – ChromeOS as operating
Although still lacking any official confirmation from Apple, it still belongs to the current in the computer industry in the hottest topics discussed: The “iSlate” the company intends to soon help the tablet to break through, a sort of big iPhone will become the whole as now also industry insiders.
Now this follows several months of continuous wave
Rumors a new level, that of the great challenger:
Let him work, according to a report by the Australian news site Smarthouse with Google and another size of the IT industry in its own tablet.

In cooperation with the Taiwanese HTC one should therefore already working for about 18 months to a corresponding device, as the operating system is Google’s own ChromeOS used. The two companies have already developed around Android in the smartphone market an intimate working relationship, it is about the first Google phone sold directly – the Nexus One – built by HTC.

The report should correspond to reality, were still some uncertainties Tablet for a Google. After all, the Apple solution of large content deals will be seen to be accompanied to stay here, what Google would have to stand against. Also ChromeOS is currently not yet been finalized, according to current plans, communicated with a Google Tablet would therefore expect the earliest in the autumn of 2010 – the end of January already, however iSlate will be presented.

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